Thursday, 4 June 2009

20 Apr 2009 - Monday Club Fig Tree

We were not expecting many of the Monday Club on this walk, but we were expecting more than just Tom! Some of the group were on a walking holiday and many were in UK. At least one decided not to walk because the morning was overcast. Because we knew there would not be many, we offered to lead this walk which is not he most popular among the group. It is about 10 miles long. It starts at a bridge on the Parcent to Castell road, leads sharply uphill on a tarmac road (which is what many dislike about the walk). We have a break at a finca and then follow a rough track over the top to join a forestry type road to a very scenic lunch spot. Then its downhill again and back to the cars.

We were very lucky at lunchtime, when we spotted two wild boar. Just as we sat down, they broke from cover nearby. There was no undergrowth for them to head for, so we could see them running over the gorse.

Despite the overcast start, the weather was kind to us. We had a rain free walk, and even some sun at lunchtime. Just as we got back to the cars the rain arrived, though it was only light.

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