Tuesday, 2 June 2009

17 Apr 2009 - Spanish Tree Cutting

In the three years since we moved here to Parcent, the trees in front of our house have grown considerably. However the one in front of our house is not as bad as further down the road There are a particular problem when we have our regular strong winds, as the swimming pools quickly become clogged.

Because the trees are on ground belonging to the house owners, we are allowed to trim them, and earlier this year it was decided to do so. A Spanish tree expert was given the job and he turned up with two helpers.

The "gaffer" came with helmet, goggles and thick gloves. The "helpers" came in jeans and short sleeved shirts. He was quickly up the ladder and lopping left, right and centre. They were below trying to avoid the branches raining down on them, and clearing them away as quick as they could. Certainly none of this health and safety business here in Spain!

It was sad to see the lopped trees when they had finished. And there were a lot of confused birds flying around looking for their recent tree top homes. But it has made a great difference to the swimming pools. And we now have an even better view than we did before.

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