Thursday, 28 May 2009

23 Feb 2009 - Monday Club Eye of Montgo

Montgo is a mountain overlooking Denia. From a distance it looks like a sleeping elephant, and is one of the most famous local landmarks. Its very popular for walking, and we have walked most of it. However we had never visited The Eye, a cave which looks like the elephants eye from a distance.

We had always thought you had to use ropes to get there, but when we realised you could walk to it we were very keen to do the walk.

From the car park you can quite clearly see The Eye

Right from the start there was a steep climb

Jan and Peter leaving the finca

The Finca is the white house in the right background

Wendy leading the way

Pat, Jan and Ann. Behind Sylvia, Ken, Margaret, David and Rosemary

Although the climb is steep, the path is good and no scrambling

Just approaching The Eye

This is a good indication of just how steep the final part is

Pat and Tom arriving at The Eye

Pat, Wendy, Me and Rosemary

Jan, Rosemary and David

Janet, Sue, Wendy, Ken Sylvia and Colin

Jan and Rosemary, a picnic lunch with a view

The lunch spot taken from the cave entrance

Tom and Pat waiting for David, Peter and Ken to return from the cave

David, Ken and Peter just as they come out of the cave.

Ken looks pretty shattered after his cave exploration

Ken telling Colin just what it was like

Time to start back down, but that is often harder than climbing

One last photo call from the Montgo Eye

An unusually serious look from Peter

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